Performance Manger Chart Metrics


Performance Manger Chart:  A powerful tool that tracks what are essentially your fitness, fatigue, and form. The software calls these, respectively, Chronic Training Load (CTL), Acute Training Load (ATL), and Training Stress Balance (TSB). The power-based data that generates these metrics is called Training Stress Score (TSS). This is essentially a number that represents how hard the daily workout is based on intensity, duration, and Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

Key Metrics:
  • Chronic Training Load (CTL)
  • Actute Training Load (ATL)
  • Training Stress Balance (TSB)
  • Ramp Rate (RR)
Syntax for formulas:

tl     <denotes Training Load>

tl(tss,42)   <returns total Chronic Training Load, based on the last 42 days for selected time range>

tl(tss,7)   <returns Acute Training Load based on last 7 days of selected time range>

shift(tl(tss,42)-tl(tss,7), 1)   <returns Acute Training Stress Balance of selected time range>

tl(tss,42)-shift(tl(tss,42),7)   <returns Acute Ramp Rate for last 7 days of selected time range>

Common examples:

Various metrics for use in athlete and workout reports
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