Athlete Settings

Athlete Settings 

TrainingPeaks Athlete Sync Options

WKO4 is designed to automatically sync with your TrainingPeaks account. To link a WKO athlete to sync with an athlete in your TrainingPeaks account, navigate to the Athlete Details chart and click on the Edit button.

There are limits to what accounts can sync, and you can review those here.

Training Level Selection 

WKO4 offers a wide array of known training level systems. To browse and select, click on the arrow icon to launch the pull-down window and click on the desired system to select it.

Setting Key Metrics

You will need to enter your athlete metrics in WKO4. This will ensure historical reporting accuracy and help with all analytics. 

For more information on setting historical FTP, visit this support page

You can also view ourinstruction video on why you should adjust your FTP.

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