Operators are operations functions that can be applied to expressions and allow for the application of parameter, math and time strings.


Parameter can be set by using parentheses (_)  for example avg(power) returns avg power for selected time range.


avg(power)     <returns average power for selected time range>

sum(work)     <returns total sum of work in kilo joules for selected time range>

(power,heartrate)     <returns power crossed with heartrate typically to form a scatter plot>

Math Operators 

Mathematical operators allow for the application of mathematical functions to expressions such as, +, -, =, <,>, or /.

avg(power+heartrate)     <returns the avg of (power+heartrate) for selected time range>

sum(work-100)     <returns the sum of (work minus 100) for selected time range>

cross((power+heartrate),(work-100))     <returns (power+heartrate) crossed with (work minus 100) typically in form of a scatter plot>

Math Operations

abs, 1 // Absolute value of n
add, 2 // Add lhs and rhs
divide, 2 // Divide lhs by rhs
subtract, 2 // Subtract lhs and rhs
sqrt, 1 // Square root of x, where x > 0
sign, 1 // Sign of n, -1 where x < 0, +1 where x > 0, else zero
power, 2 // Take lhs to the rhs power
multiply, 2 // Multiply lhs and rhs

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