Statistical Functions


A group of functions that produce statistical outputs based off expression.
  • avg
  • bin
  • count
  • sum
  • meanmax

avg(_)     <returns average of data, weighted if x is present and time series>

bin(_)      <returns data placed in bins defined by the expression>

count(_)       <returns count of all values that are not NaN>

sum(_)     <returns sum of all outputs>

meanmax(_)     <returns a mean max curve>

Syntax Example using power:

avg(power)     <returns average power for selected time range>

bin(power,5)      <returns power data binned by 5 watt increments>

count(power)       <returns count of power data points>

sum(power)     <returns sum of all recorded power for selected time range>

meanmax(power)     <returns a power based mean max curve>

Additional Syntax:

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Common examples:

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